Cevallos Servicios is a branch of Cevallos Constructora. Created in 2019, Cevallos Servicios is a building management firm, specialized in construction works, repairing and renovation of properties, for individuals or businesses. Specialized in building management, we assist you in the proper execution of all your construction projects.




We are at your disposal to manage all your construction projects thanks to our expertise in the construction sector. We ensure coordination and follow-up of your project.

We operate for you in all your construction projects; from small repairing to properties renovation or construction. Our teams are also available to help you manage your plumbing, locksmithery or electrical emergencies.

We bring you a technical solution in the early stages of your project and expertise during your project to meet the financial consstraints and deadlines.

We assist you during all steps of your project.

  • In the early steps, we plan the works and the interventions of the various craftsmen. And we define with you the budget.
  • During the project, we manage the construction site and all construction workers.
  • At the end of the project, we verify the finishes and quality of the work.

Why should you use our services to manage your building projects



Knowledge (Know-how)

We are your unique interlocutor during all the steps of the project.

We do all works according to current Ecuadorian norms, we contact all professionals and manage costs according to your budget, as well as deadlines and technical choices.

You benefit from our experience for the choice of materials and professionals.

We assure you full transparency about the costs incurred in the project by providing a detailed estimate. You will be sure to pay the right price for the completion of your project.

No need to speak spanish, we speak French and English fluently.


We charge a 10% fee of the overall construction project cost. Know that our experience in the building sector and the strong relationships we have developed over the years with all building professionals guarantee you preferential prices.

These advantages mean that our fees do not affect the budget of your project without neglecting the fact that we bring you a certain tranquility and undeniable technical skills

  • Locksmith
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Masonery
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